Four-side planer

Four side planer for wood also known as:

  • woodworking machine,
  • four-side milling machine,
  • parkieciarka,
  • profiling,
  • four-side milling machine,
  • 4-sided planer,
  • 4-sided planer,
  • four-side machine.


It is a professional and precise machine that processes material from four sides. Four-side planers will scrape the material layer, smooth the surface, and also give the right shape. They mainly process dry and wet wood as well as wood-based materials - depending on the type of machine.
Maszyny te z pewnością znajdą zastosowanie w fabrykach produkcji masowej a także we wszystkich zakładach stolarskich, meblowych itd.

The main advantages of four-side planers for wood

  • processing four sides of material simultaneously in one work cycle,
  • high machine efficiency,
  • very precise workmanship,
  • replaces several machines,
  • are great for both large and small woodworking plants,
  • solid and durable construction etc.


Our offer mainly includes two types of planers

Four-side machines closed in the cabin

Makes dry and wet materials with smaller parameters e.g. 26x13cm, 22x17cm etc.

Construction description:
  • 4-sided planers have a solid base with a long pre-top. The introductory table is adjusted. The whole is closed in the cabin. Inside it is the entire spindle assembly. The minimum number of spindles is 4, but there can be many more - it depends on the user's needs. Each spindle has a protective cover and a brake. Mounted from above, below and from the sides. Straight heads with planer knives or milling heads are attached to the spindles, which give shape. The axles are manually or electrically adjusted. The last one can be universal, rotated 360 degrees.
  • There are pressure rollers with feed drive at the level of the upper heads. The feed consists of metal toothed, pulling, sometimes double or even triple feed wheels, and the lead wheels are rubber. The pressure of the feed rollers is pneumatic, i.e. to air. Consequently, a compressor is also needed for the machine to work. Older models have feed on chains, while on new machines on cardan shafts. Milling machines for four-side machining have several feed speeds or are changed smoothly on an inverter or variator.
  • Some models have a pull roller in front of the first head in the countertop. This means that the machine also planes wet parts. The table can have several pulling or sliding rollers.
  • Above the entry table there is a control for the parquet flooring. Usually each head is attached separately. The feed also has its own switch. Newer generations have microprocessor displays and computer controls.
  • Under the counter, oil tanks are usually placed. They are used for central lubrication.
  • On the back of the machine there are covers, under which motors and electricians are mounted.

Most noteworthy, well-known and reputable brands of this type of profiling machines are WEINIG, LEADERMAC, SCM, GRIGGIO, ROJEK, GUILLIET, WINTER, GAU JING, KUPER, REIGNMACM, WADKIN, TOS SVITAVY, HOLZMANN, VEB, CASADEI, FUTURA, etc.

Wide-planing machines

Unlike planers closed in the cabin, they mainly process wide components with high parameters. In this case, mainly wet material is planed. These are usually elements of roof structures, garden furniture, etc.

Construction description:
  • The construction of this type of planer is similar to the construction of thicknessers. At the beginning an introductory tabletop is attached. It has smooth or toothed pulling rollers and a planing roller with mounted knives. The number of knives depends on the machine tool model.
  • The upper planing unit is covered by a solid cover. Under it, at the beginning there are latches, then feed input shafts, clamps, planing shaft, clamps and output feed shafts.
  • On the back of the machine there are vertical spindles on the right and left. Heads or cutters are attached to these spindles. Their spacing is adjusted electrically or mechanically using a key.
  • The whole body is solidly made. It is iron or metal. As in four-side planers closed in the cabin, each head has a separate motor and is switched on separately.

KUPFERMUHLE, JAROMA, REX, HUNDEGER, WADKIN, TOS SVITAVY are the most well-known brands producing wet wood processing machines.

The above-mentioned machines are models that are most often on sale. There are also other, more or less professional types. We strive to satisfy every customer, so every day we enrich our offer with new and used planers for four-side machining. We sell not only machines but also all tools and devices without which the machine tool is unable to work.
Check the offer or visit us at the headquarters of our company. You will certainly find something for yourself.