Long belt grinding machine

Long belt sander for wood grinds surfaces of solid wood, furniture, solid, veneered, varnished boards as well as some plastics. Depending on the type of belt installed, sanding can be done by roughing or finishing.

Long belt sander is used in many woodworking plants. Works great in both large and small workshops: carpentry, furniture, repair, construction, crafts, etc.

The machine is primarily characterized by quiet operation, safety, simplicity and ease of use. The advantage of long-belt sanders it is possible to machine very long and short elements. The machine has two balanced rollers, thanks to which the machine has no vibration. Paper of any granulation is assumed on the roll.

Depending on the model of the grinder, some have electric table top lifting. Thanks to this, we can adjust the height faster and easier. In addition, each can have several types of rotation speeds, operating in two directions, paper blowing.

Working principle of the grinder

The grinder has a large movable table top where we put the element. Above the table top, a pipe is mounted, after which we move the material pressure. During work, we press the sanding foot against the workpiece. After sanding the surface, we remove the finished material from the table.

When working with a grinder, a lot of dust is generated, as a consequence of which it is necessary to use a dust removal device. Some models already have a built-in fan, which facilitates the extraction of resulting dust.

When buying a grinding machine should be guided primarily by the following parameters:

  • size of processed elements,
  • number of rotation speeds,
  • engine power,
  • grinding quality,
  • body and bed construction, etc.


We provide a large selection of long-belt grinders. Each of them is different and fully functional. They all have technical and electrical review. We are a dealer of well-known and proven brands such as: SAFO, JOHANNSEN, BURKLE, HOUFEK, WINTER, STOMANA, HOLZMANN etc.

We encourage you to visit us at our company's headquarters. We will present you with current products on site, and our technician will help you make the right choice. It is possible to connect and test the machine.

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