Multi-spindle drilling machines

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Multi-spindle drilling machine for wood makes holes for dowels, hinges, confirmations, etc. in solid wood, panels and also wood-based materials.

As the name says, multi-spindle drills have more than one spindle. There are several and sometimes even several dozen - it depends on the chosen machine model.

WielowrzecionĂłwki they have a solid body and a large worktop, at the end of which a drilling aggregate is mounted. Above the table, two or more (depending on the operator's needs) material clamps are mounted. They are pressed down with air. Spindles and clamps are usually switched on with a foot pedal.

These machine tools make holes in three planes:

  • horizontal - drills are set in a horizontal position
  • vertical - drilling is carried out vertically
  • Under for - the operation is performed at an angle

The transition from vertical, horizontal or angled is pneumatically adjusted. The head tilt angle is determined manually. In addition, machines can be equipped with guides with a measure installed inside. Their amount depends on the user.

There are multi-spindle machines that have more than one drilling aggregate. This solution allows drilling holes in several planes in one work cycle. Consequently, the machine has higher performance compared to a single-head multi-spindle drill. This type of specialized drills are certainly great for mass production.

Manufacturers are developing newer technologies every day. The machines have special programmers in which individual operations can be programmed. Thanks to such improvements, each hole is made with the greatest care and precision.

Dysponujemy szeroką gamą obrabiarek do wiercenia – od prostych wiertarek wielowrzecionowych po specjalistyczne wiertarki CNC.

It is also worth mentioning about additional devices that should work with the drill. We certainly include sawdust extraction and a compressor. After connecting these two devices, you can count on many years of trouble-free operation of the machine.

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