Transverse saw

Cross-cut saw for wood It mainly cuts boards, flares and aprons to the required length. Saws across beams, slats, laths, etc. It can also be used only to cut material. There is also the possibility of cutting wood-based materials and even some non-ferrous metals - depending on the manufacturer's recommendations.

Transverse saws come in two variants

  1. Top spindle saw (top-spindle, pendulum, capillary, miter) - The saw spindle is mounted on the shoulder from above. A cutting disc is fitted on the axis. The cutting unit has full adjustment - front / rear, up / down, right / left and also at an angle. Saw movement is manual, hydraulic or pneumatic - it depends on the machine model. The shield has a large shield, which ensures high operational safety. The saw has a large work table on which we place the material.
  2. Saw with lower spindle (lower spindle) - The spindle with cutting disc are mounted under the table. Slash extension in this case can be hydraulic or pneumatic. Machine tools usually have material pressure from above. During cutting, the saw and pressure work simultaneously.

Miter saws are driven by a belt transmission by an electric motor with a voltage of 230V or 400V. They have one or more types of axis rotation speed.

Dodatkowo maszyny poprzeczne mogą posiadać stoły rolkowe – podawcze i odbiorcze z rolkami poślizgowymi lub z napędem.

When working with the cross-cut saw, one must remember a very important principle. Do not cut too short pieces because they require you to hold the material with your hands. As a result, the operator's hands are too close to the blade and an accident may result.

Advantages of cross-cut saws:

  • Simple and quick to use,
  • Trouble-free,
  • powerful,
  • Long service life
  • They do not take up much space, etc.


Deciding to buy a miter saw should be guided primarily by:

  • – mocą silnika,
  • – parametrami maszyny,
  • – możliwościami regulacji,
  • – materiałem, z jakiego maszyna jest zbudowana itp.


The cross-cut saw should be in every woodworking plant. Perfect for both large and small enterprises dealing with the wood industry. A well-equipped plant is the basis of success, so we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.