Mechanical feed

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feed Also known as a tank, it presses and moves the material on machines such as: spindle moulder, planer, etc. Thanks to this device, work on carpentry machines is much lighter, better quality, more efficient and above all safer.

The feeds have a simple structure. They have a solid body, in the center of which there is a gear with a set of gears that drive the rollers through an electric motor. The rollers that move the material have metal attachments on which rubber is poured. Depending on the need, these tires may have different hardness. The entire feed is mounted on a solid foot, which is attached to the machine top with two or four screws. The tripod arm is adjustable up / down, right / left, front / back, and also at an angle. The motor that drives the rollers has a 400V or 230V drive - it depends on the user's needs. The feeds can have a given speed or infinitely variable feed speed control on the inverter or knob.

There are also feeds, which have endless belts instead of pulling rollers. Thanks to this solution it is possible to move even very short elements.

The feeds from our offer are certainly characterized by solid construction, reliability and, above all, ease of use. We have many types of devices of this type, which differ, among others, in the number of rollers and their dimensions, the number of feed speeds, etc. These devices are available in both new and used versions. We also offer rolls of various sizes and hardness.

We sell feeds primarily known and certainly valued brands such as: Maggi, Holz-Her, Holzmann, Haffner, Masterwood, Elu, Festo, Mako, Gomad, Schneider, Univer, Holzing, Gemewa, Holzkraft, Robland, Winter, Felder etc. The most common devices in our warehouse are three roller and four roller devices, which are great for all machines where it is possible to mount a tank.

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