Most frequently asked questions

1. What payment methods are available?

Up to 15000 gross, you have the option of paying in cash or by bank transfer, and the above amount will accept payment only by bank transfer. You can also pay by card in any amount.

2. Can I buy more than one machine in the store?

Yes. We have a huge selection of various types of carpentry machinery. We also sell tools and accessories as well as spare parts for machines.

3. Is it possible to replace your old machine with another one?

Yes. You can buy a machine in the so-called settlement, after prior agreement with us.

4. Will I receive a warranty for used machines?

We connect every machine before purchase and it is also possible to test the device.

5. What is the warranty on the new machine?

In the territory of the Republic of Poland, we provide 24-month warranty for individual customers, while for companies it is 12 months.

6. Do the machines have documentation?

When buying, we provide you with all the documents we have.

7. How far do you ship machines in Poland?

We reach every corner of our country.

8. Do you send machines abroad?

Yes. We have the ability to ship the machine to any country around the world.

9. Can you test the machine before buying?

Yes. Every customer has the right to test the machine before making a purchase.

10. Can the machine be started without arriving?

Yes. If the customer is not able to come to our company, then we record a video of the machine connection and send it to the contractor.

11. Do you deal with setting up machines at the customer's?

Yes. We have the ability to set the machine at the customer.

12. Do you help in the selection of machines?

Yes. We have a technician on site who has many years of experience in the field of carpentry machinery. It will definitely help you make the right choice.

13. Can I buy the machine in installments / leasing?

Yes. You have the option of buying at installment or lease.

14. Will there be a problem loading the machine onto my car?

No. We have forklifts and a large, hardened yard. Our specialist will help you with loading machines without any problem.

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