Glue spreaders

Glue spreader glues wooden elements and blockboard on one or both sides with glue.

In the applicators, the main task is certainly the rollers, which apply glue to the material. Usually there are several of them and they are tires with notched grooves in the form of a helix. Depending on the adhesive we use and the quantity we want to apply to the material, different widths and depths of the grooves are distinguished. Each roller applies glue separately. Glue rollers are mounted from above and below. Their spacing is adjusted manually - by means of a wheel, or automatically depending on the machine model.

In terms of the number of rollers, two types of applicators are distinguished:

  1. double rollers - In this type of applicator, the adhesive is poured into the trough, which spreads it along the entire length of the roller. The distance between the trough and the roller is adjusted to set the right amount of glue.
  2. Czterowalcowy - Four-roller spreaders are characterized by having four rollers, of which the glue is applied by two larger rollers. The adhesive is poured between the rolling rollers. As in the case of double-roller applicators, the roller spacing is adjusted.

These machines drive electric motors, usually with a voltage of 400V. Depending on the type, they may have one or several assigned speeds. Some have speeds that regulate smoothly.

Devices of this type are primarily easy to use and clean. They work great in small and medium carpentry and furniture factories.

There are also applicators in which the adhesive is applied by hand. They work great in plants where elements are very rarely glued.

The spreaders we offer are fully functional and ready to work. They come from the most well-known and reputable manufacturers such as: OMEZ, FIN, WINTER, FAMAD, OTT, OSAMA, JOOS, NIKTA, FAMAD, BERNARDO etc. These types of machines are widely recognized by our customers

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