Optimization saw

Wood optimizer transversely cuts wood in the form of boards, slats, facing boards, square timber etc. as well as wood-based materials in a very precise way. Their main task is primarily to cut defects in the material and cut to the desired size. These formatting machines are perfect for small and large carpentry, furniture, craft and repair workshops, as well as for mass production.

Optimizers usually have a long feeding table on which the electric movement of the element is mounted. The material moves towards the body, in the center of which is the cutting disc. Usually the cutting unit is mounted under the countertop and has a pneumatic extension. There is pneumatic pressure above the table. After cutting, the element moves to a shorter receiving table. Depending on the model, some machines include a laser or optical sensor that finds, marks and cuts defects in the material. In some models it is also possible to set the shield at an angle, and sometimes even in two planes.

Modern optimizers have specialized software, thanks to which you only need to program the desired dimension without the need for additional settings. These machines are controlled from the touch screen. Work on formatting machines of the new type is light and does not require physical effort. However, the operator must undergo appropriate training to be able to work on the machine.

The main advantages of optimizers:

  • High performance,
  • Reducing the resulting waste to a minimum,
  • Elimination of production costs,
  • High quality,
  • Long machine life,
  • Work safety etc.

When deciding to buy an optimizer, it is worth paying particular attention to:

  • Engine power,
  • Introductory table length,
  • Cutting height and width,
  • Cutting accuracy,
  • Performance,
  • Quality of the formatting machine, etc.


There are also formatter models that are equipped with a milling or drilling machine. With these additional tools, you can get a ready-made element that can be used, for example, for building houses.

We strive to meet the expectations of every customer, which is why we have expanded our offer with high-quality optimizers of the best and best known brands such as: OMGA, STROMAB, WINTER, REMA, HOLZING etc. If you have questions about optimizers, please contact our technician, who will certainly will answer every question asked.