Our store has professional woodworking equipment, meeting the requirements of every carpenter. Carpentry woodworking machines are primarily the basis for starting a woodworking business. When buying a carpentry machine, you can also choose accessoriesthat are necessary for the machine to function. We also organize transport.

We sell machines from reputable companies such as: JaromeGomadSafoRemaPEMAL,FewOctoberGubischScmHolz-herAltendorfMARTIN. 

What woodworking machines do we offer?

In our range of hundreds of machines you will find:


How does the purchase of a woodworking machine look like in our company?

To meet the requirements of our customers, we have created an intuitive platform that makes shopping with us convenient and quick. When making a purchase on a website or mobile application, you are guaranteed safe shopping. After completing the shopping, we make a film from the machine's work, which we send to the customer. Then, after accepting the order and film, we organize transport. We inform the customer about finalizing the order and send information about the delivery date. That's all.

Enjoy your shopping 🙂