Other milling machines

Various types of milling machines. Other milling machines include primarily the following milling machines:

  1. profile - It is mainly characterized by milling various curved or rectilinear shaped profiles on flat surfaces. Profile milling machines process wood, wood-based materials, as well as some plastics, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations. This machine is great for garden furniture. It can be used to make decorative poles, fences, rails, balusters, beehives and bee frames, drawer elements, etc.
  2. Wzorcarka - Used for through machining, mainly profiling. Mills straight and curvilinear surfaces along the entire length of the elements along both sides simultaneously. The template is perfect for the production of frame furniture, as well as for the processing of building joinery.
  3. To do - As the name implies, this machine primarily performs finger joints, i.e. milling from the front of the element to connect them along the length. The construction of finger milling machines is similar to the construction of tenons.
  4. Multi-spindle - Multi-spindle milling machines have several spindles in their construction, which enables more efficient production. Thanks to several axes, both sides of the element are machined simultaneously.
  5. rotary - Machines of this type usually have several carousel stands on which we place the elements. The attached materials are processed in turn. The main advantage of this machine is certainly the repeatability and acceleration of production.

Application of milling machines

Milling machine are widely used in industry. Carpentry machines of this type are the basic equipment of every carpentry workshop.
Modern CNC milling machines have computer programs, making them great for both small and mass production and do not require physical effort from operators. One properly trained employee is enough to operate these machines.

Our offer includes various types of milling machines, from small basic table milling machines to specialized CNC milling machines. We have both new and used products in our warehouse. All milling machines undergo technical inspections and are also checked electrically. Thanks to many years of experience, we provide you with professional advice and assistance in choosing the right milling machine.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of milling machines.