Planer - Thicknesser

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Surface and thickness planer for wood is a combination of two machines - a planer and a thicknessing machine. The machine aligns flat surfaces and also peels off a layer of wood on one side to obtain the right thickness.
The planer and thicknesser processes soft or hard wood as well as wood-based materials.

Planer is a great solution for small-scale plants as well as larger carpentry, service, renovation works, etc. The thickness planer takes up little space, therefore it is certainly also used in home workshops.

The main advantage of planing and thicknessing machines to przede  wszystkim wykonanie dwóch zadań na jednej maszynie.

Description of the surface and thickness planer

  • Thickness planer built on the basis of a solid body on which tops with a guide are mounted. Tables adjust up / down.
  • As in the planers, the knife shaft assembly is mounted between the tables. The shaft has planing knives. Their amount depends primarily on the needs of the user.
  • Under the tables of wood planers there is a thicknesser system. It consists of pawls for feed rollers and material clamps between the planing shaft.
  • A table is mounted below the thicknessing system. The table height is adjusted by means of a knob. The table top is usually equipped with pulling or slipping rollers. The height of the rollers can be set higher or lower as needed.
  • Inside there is a motor with three-phase or single-phase drive. Depending on the model of the planer - the thickness gauge the feed is on a separate or on the same engine. Each planer planer typically has several variable feed speeds using a lever. The feed drive is switched on separately, as in the thicknessers themselves. This type of planer is equipped with an electric or mechanical brake.
  • To use the thicknesser function, tilt the tops back.
  • Multifunctional machines have all guards for safe and trouble-free operation.


When choosing a planer-thicknessing machine for yourself, you should first of all be guided by:

  • workpiece dimensions,
  • engine power,
  • the number of knives in the shaft,
  • the amount of feed speed etc.

A well-chosen machine is the basis of success so we invite you to our company. Our technician will help you choose the right model.