Vertical panel saw

Panel saw cuts the furniture board into small pieces. Depending on the type, these saws are used primarily in large and small carpentry workshops, furniture workshops and also in mass production plants.

There are two types of panel saws

  • Horizontal - The cutting operation takes place in a horizontal position. They have a worktop on which the material is mounted. These machines usually have clamps. As a result, the material cannot shift during operation. The saws are safe for the user because the cutting unit is protected by a special cover. Machines are designed to cut one or more elements at a time - it depends on the machine model.
  • Vertical - The vertical saw cuts the material vertically. The machine has a work table mounted vertically. The cutting unit moves manually or automatically. When working, the saw cuts the material from top to bottom or from right to left. After cutting the aggregate returns to the exit point, i.e. it is at the top of the saw. Similar to the case of the horizontal panel saw, depending on the model, it is possible to cut several elements at the same time.

Both horizontal and vertical panel saws are driven by an electric motor. The engine sizes are adapted to the machine parameters. The machine tools have a scoring or cutting knife, so the laminate will not chip. The machines are very solidly made and serve for many years.

It is also worth mentioning the advantages of saws, which mainly include:

  • High efficiency
  • High precision cutting,
  • The ability to cut several elements at once,
  • The ability to automatically move the saw,
  • Large work tables,
  • Safe work,
  • Long machine life etc.


For the sake of customers' needs, manufacturers are inventing newer and newer possibilities that facilitate their work. The new machine models have specialized software that programs the cutting parameters. The new technology works great in every factory.

When choosing devices for your plant, it is worth paying attention primarily to their quality, durability and the manufacturer they come from. New and used panel saws available in our store are certainly of high quality and gain recognition among professionals.