Shredder for wood

Wood chippers They crush all types and shapes of wood, wood-based materials and other raw materials, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations.

The resulting wood chips are used for fuel or for further production of e.g. pellets, briquettes etc.

Shredders are great at sawmills, carpentry and other woodworking factories.

There are several types of shredders:

  1. Flail - In flail crushers the material is crushed by the impact of the flails. Under the impact of the material particles are crushed into smaller ones get through the mounted sieve.
  2. Drum / roller - The material is crushed using a shaft in which the cutting knives are attached. The shaft has a round cross section and the number of knives depends on the machine model.
  3. Discs / Discs - Unlike the above-mentioned choppers, in this model there is a round disc in which the blades are mounted.


The above-mentioned mills are also divided into other groups. The division occurs, among others, due to:

Drive Type

  1. Diesel - They are powered by an internal combustion engine. They have a fuel tank. They are usually mobile, on a two-axle trailer frame. The crushing aggregate together with the engine rotate 360 ​​degrees. This solution works great in the field, mainly in forests or road works.
  2. Electric - driven by an electric motor. Engine power depends primarily on the size of the crushing aggregate. These choppers are usually stationary.


Type of material feed

  1. hoppers - The chippers have a hopper. At its bottom is a shaft that breaks the material. These models primarily use short elements. Typically, this type of machine is equipped with pressure drawers, thanks to which the material is pushed into the shaft. In addition, the chippers have an autoreverse. Turning it on causes the shaft or drawer to retract, so the motor will not stop.
  2. With feeder - The machines have a feeder on which we place the material. These types of chippers are used for long elements such as branches, trimmings, etc. We distinguish feeders:
  1. belt - they have a feeding tape with a drive
  2. Vibration  – transport materiału odbywa się poprzez drgania podajnika tzw. wibrorynna.

First of all, wood shredders are characterized by high efficiency.