Disc sander

Wood disc grinder grinds horizontally and at an angle wooden or wood-based surfaces. Depending on the paper used, sanding can be rough or finishing.

The machine works well in furniture and carpentry factories, mainly in small-lot productions.

As the name says, disc grinders have a grinding disc.

Depending on the model, there are grinding machines:

  • single-disc – Posiadają jeden agregat szlifujący. Papier ścierny, który montujemy na szlifierkę jest okrągły.
  • Double Disc - They have grinding wheels on both sides of the machine.


Sandpaper mounted on the spindle with a pressure ring or velcro. A sanding table is mounted next to the sanding aggregate that adjusts at an angle. We put a grinding element on it. The material presses and moves manually. The grinding machine is equipped with extraction connectors and covers, which ensures, above all, safe and trouble-free operation for many years.

The machines are made of a solid casing. In its center there is an electric motor that drives the spindle with a grinding disc.

In addition, there are disc and belt grinders. There is a sanding pad on one side and an arm with sanding belt on the other side.

When buying a disc grinder, you should pay attention primarily to:

  • engine power,
  • dimensions of the work table,
  • countertop adjustment options,
  • shield speed etc.


New and used products available in our store are characterized by high quality and have high recognition among customers. Grinders come from the most reputable and known manufacturers around the world. Each product is reviewed in such a way that the buyer can immediately work on it after making the purchase.

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