Dust collectors

Exhaustion ma za zadanie przede wszystkim odprowadzić wióry, trociny i pył z maszyn.  Odciągi stosuje się do każdego rodzaju maszyny stolarskiej. Dzięki zastosowaniu tego typu urządzenia każda maszyna zyska na jakości pracy, a także dłuższej żywotności, ponieważ powstały pył nie osadza się w środku maszyny, tylko gromadzi się w workach i pojemnikach do tego przeznaczonych.

Extraction is also known as:

  • Dust,
  • Vacuum cleaner,
  • Extract,
  • Fan,
  • Suction of chips, sawdust and dust,
  • Chip absorber.

Extract have a simple structure. Extractors contain 400V or 230V electric motors - depending on the user's needs.

There are many types of dust collectors. They differ primarily in performance, engine power, capacity of bags and their quantity, etc.

Depending on the needs, the plants use stand lifts for each machine or one large stationary extraction device, which is connected to several machines at the same time.

Local exhausts - they usually have one, two or three bags and are mobile. At the top they have material bags, while at the bottom there are plastic bags or similar to the top - material bags. They have a fan built into the body of the device or standing next to the bag holder. There are also several multi-station mobile lifts, which differ in construction, because a set of several filter bags is mounted on top. They can be built in with the shaker or open. The dirt collected by the fan goes, depending on the model, into large bags or special containers.

Stationary dust collectors - are primarily characterized by the fact that they need a larger surface area as opposed to local exhausts. They have a fan, whose power is selected according to the number and distance of the machines. The turbine extracts dirt from the machines and pumps them into specially prepared rooms or tanks.

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