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Regulations for Mar-Masz customers

I General information

1. The owner of the online store mar-masz.pl hereinafter referred to as the Store is the company PPHU MAR-MASZ Henryk Pioch Sierakowska Huta 26, 83-340 Sierakowice Nip 589-141-88-95
2. The store is available at mar-masz.pl
3. By placing an order at www.mar-masz.pl, the Customer agrees to be placed in the mar-masz.pl database and to process his personal data for the purposes of the contract. Providing personal data by the Customer and consent to their processing is necessary to complete the order by mar-masz.pl

II Accepting orders

1. The Customer may place orders in the Store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
2. Product information presented on the Store's website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.
3. Registration and account creation is a prerequisite for placing an order in the store www.mar-masz.pl
4. Orders are placed via the order form placed on the website www.mar-masz.pl next to each product. By placing an order it is necessary to complete the order form in the online store, confirm it and send it automatically to the mar-masz.pl store
5. Orders with incorrectly completed forms and orders that have not been confirmed will not be processed.
6. To finalize the order, add the products you selected to the "basket", specify the shipping method and payment method, and indicate shipping details. After placing the order, the Customer will receive an e-mail confirming the order to the e-mail address provided.
7. All orders placed via the store, e-mail, telephone or auction portals require confirmation of the availability of goods and confirmation of acceptance for implementation, An confirmed and accepted order cannot be canceled.
8. The owner of the store www.mar-masz.pl reserves the right to verify the order made and to cancel it in the case of justifying doubt as to the reliability of such an order.

III. Realization of orders

1. The order is carried out provided that the product is in stock. In the absence of goods or parts of them, the customer is informed by e-mail and decides how to process the order (canceling all, completing part of the order).
2. The store reserves the right to cancel the order if there is no product in stock, which shall inform the customer by e-mail.
3. Changes to the order can only be made until the order is processed. By the moment of the contract, it is understood as sending it for shipment. Changes can only be made by e-mail: biuro@mar-masz.pl
4. Products ordered at the individual customer's order cannot be canceled and no changes can be made to the order.
5. Expected delivery time:
Goods available in stock - shipping to 3 working days,
Goods imported on order - individual execution time.
In the case of payment by bank transfer, the delivery time is extended by the time of the transfer.
6. As standard, VAT invoices are issued for all products.
7. The prices given in the online store www.mar-masz.pl are net prices in Polish zlotys, the final price to be paid is gross price in Polish zlotys including VAT 23%.
7a. The net price is given for international transactions, EU customers with an EU NIP.
8. The mar-masz.pl store reserves the right to change the prices of goods on the Store's offer, introduce new goods to the offer, carry out and cancel promotional campaigns, or make changes to them.

IV Delivery

1. We send ordered goods via courier, forwarding.
2. Transportation costs are borne by the Buyer.
2a. Shipping costs given in the description of the item are valid in Poland. Outside Poland, costs are calculated individually.
3. Shipments sent by courier are usually delivered the next business day after shipment from our warehouse.
4. The store is not responsible for delays or non-delivery of goods caused by incorrect or inaccurate address provided by the customer.
5. The deadline for receiving the shipment is the time of order processing + delivery time.
6. You can pick up in person at the company's headquarters.

V Forms of payment

The following forms of payment are possible:
– Gotówka – przy odbiorze osobistym.
– Przelew tradycyjny – z chwilą zaksięgowania wpłaty na naszym rachunku bankowym, zamówienie jest przekazywane do realizacji.
– Płatność za pobraniem.
– Raty/ Leasing.

VI Complaints, returns

1. In the event of a discrepancy between the goods and the description contained in the order, or finding factory defects in the goods, the Customer shall have the right to lodge a complaint.
2. Zgodnie z Ustawą z 30 maja 2014 r. “o prawach konsumenta” konsument może odstąpić od umowy zakupionego towaru, w ciągu 14 dni od dnia odebrania przesyłki. Firma MAR-MASZ dokona zwrotu ceny zakupionego towaru na rachunek klienta – pod warunkiem odesłania towaru z wypełnionym formularzem odstąpienia od umowy. Koszt dostawy oraz odesłania nie podlega zwrotowi. Zwrot zapłaconej ceny jest możliwy tylko wówczas, gdy towar nie był używany, ani nie został w żaden sposób uszkodzony i jest w oryginalnym opakowaniu wraz z załączonymi do towaru dokumentami Sprzedawcy.
3. The complaint will be considered within 14 days from the date of receipt of the package with the complained goods. If the complaint is accepted, the Customer will receive a parcel with repaired or exchanged for another product, and if this is not possible, the Store will return the equivalent price of the product to the Customer or offer other available goods in exchange.
4. The basis of the complaint are not differences in the appearance of the goods, viewed on the website, but delivered to the client, which differences may result from other parameters, monitor settings.
5. If the product is affected by mechanical damage, there is no right of withdrawal or warranty.
6. We are not responsible for damage to goods that arose as a result of transport. Please check it carefully before picking up your package. If the packaging has been damaged or there is a suspicion that the content has been destroyed, please write down the damage report in the presence of the courier (if possible, please take a photo of the damaged package). The report is the basis for submitting a complaint to the courier company.

VII Guarantee conditions

We have clear warranty terms that should be consulted before making a complaint to help resolve the problem quickly.

A. New devices
1. The manufacturer's warranty is granted for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase in the case of professional use and 24 months from the date of purchase in the case of purchase and consumer use.
2. During the warranty period, defects resulting from manufacturing errors or material defects are removed.
3. Repairs are carried out as soon as possible, however, the repair period should not exceed 21 business days from the day the machine is delivered for service at the company's headquarters. This deadline may be extended if it is necessary to import parts from abroad. We always make every effort to repair the machine as soon as possible.
4. If the device cannot be repaired during the warranty period, the customer has the right to exchange the device for a new one or cash back.
5. The condition of accepting the equipment at the MAR-MASZ website is filling out the complaint form together with a detailed description of the defects appearing on it at www.mar-masz.pl/regulamin and providing the machine in complete condition together with the proof of purchase and printed complaint form.
6. In the case of warranty repairs, please provide the device using the original packaging, which ensures correct transport of the device.
7. The Guarantor is not responsible for the destruction or damage of the product resulting from improper packaging or protection of the product by the Buyer during transport. The site does not accept cash on delivery parcels.
8. If the machine is to be repaired on site, the customer bears the cost of travel and stay for the service technician.
9. After considering the complaint, the website contacts the customer based on the data provided in the complaint form.
10. The user loses the guarantee in the case of:
10.1. disassembly or modification of the machine by the intervention of persons or third parties
10.2. improper assembly, maintenance, storage and transport of the machine
10.3. mechanical, chemical and thermal damages
10.4. inconsistent use with the operating instructions and intended use
10.5. operation of the device without the equipment recommended by the manufacturer (e.g. extraction)
10.6. statement that the equipment was still in operation after the manifestation of the malfunction symptoms
11. The warranty does not cover:
11.1. replacement of wearing parts (as well as parts and consumables) e.g. contactors, fuses, spindles, axles, joints, gaskets, seals, O-rings, simering, coolant pumps, limit switches, thermal protections (etc.), bearings, power cables , abrasive and cutting discs, drive cables, tool holders, drills, chisels, oils, greases, power supplies, etc.
11.2. damage caused as a result of lightning or the fault of a voltage installation.
11.3. damage resulting from overloading of equipment due to excessive and / or improper operation
11.4. incorrect connection of power supply installations (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic)
11.5. adjustment and tightening of bolted connections is not considered a warranty repair
12. The Guarantor reserves the right to charge the Claimant with handling costs related to conducting the expertise and transport, if the advertised product is in good working order or the damage was not covered by the warranty. In such a case, the Claimant will be charged a handling fee in the amount of the Guarantor's costs.
13. The warranty does not give the Buyer the right to claim reimbursement of lost profits or additional costs incurred due to damage to the device.
14. After repair, the advertised goods will be sent back at the expense of the Guarantor.
15. In matters not covered by these regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.
16. The warranty on the purchased machines is valid only in Poland.

B. Used machines
Before buying, read the facts and inspect the machine. The equipment of a used machine may differ from the equipment of the same new machine, the differences may result from changes made by previous users. The machine must be adjusted before use. own needs. Used machines are sold without warranty. Purchase of used machinery means acceptance of the regulations.

VIII Final provisions

1. In matters not covered in the Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and the provisions of the Act on specific conditions of consumer sales and the amendment to the Civil Code and the Act on the protection of certain consumer rights and on liability for damage caused by a dangerous product shall apply.
2. Wszystkie dane osobowe uzyskane w trakcie działalności sklepu są poufne i chronione zgodnie z ustawą z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997 r. “O ochronie danych osobowych”.
3. The www.mar-masz.pl store reserves the right to change the content of the regulations at any time.
4. By placing an order, you accept all the provisions of the regulations.

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