Circular saws

Circular Saw is the basic equipment of: carpentry workshop, furniture workshop, craft workshop, renovation workshop, school workshop etc.

The table cutter is primarily used for cutting:

a) longitudinal,
b) transverse,
c) at an angle.

a) fibreboard,
b) particle board,
c) varnished.

From synthetic materials

as well as some types of non-ferrous metals - depending on the recommendations of the shield manufacturers.

Circular saws have a very simple construction.

  • table saw has a body on which the table is mounted. In the countertop there is a hole for the shield, mounted on the spindle. A cover is attached above the saw blade. It protects the user against accident. The type and size of the blade depends on the grade and height of material being cut. A tool with a small number of teeth is used for longitudinal wood, and as much as possible in transverse cutting. A different type of disc is recommended for wood-based panels and materials. They have a different rake surface and teeth type.
  • Saw spindle is driven by a V-belt by an engine. The drive is located at the bottom of the saw body. Electric motors in carpentry saws are most often three-phase with a voltage of 400V. The engine size on circular saw models varies. It depends, among others, on: the type of material being cut, securing the connection power at the circular saw user, working time etc.
  • Some countries have additional equipment. Includes a trolley. The travel device is mounted on the front or side of the table saw. This solution is very useful when cutting larger elements. The material is placed on the trolley, so you can easily and quickly move the element without much effort.
  • In addition, the circular saw can be equipped with an extra table extending and widening. Thanks to this we get a larger usable surface of the countertop.
  • There is a cutter on the table guide also called a culaga. Using the guide, the material being cut cannot move during operation. A cut width measure is placed perpendicular to the culagi. With the help of the measure, the cutting width can be precisely set and measured.

Wood circular saw, table saw, circular saw, cutter - they are one of the most commonly used names. Depending on the region of Poland, its wider names are used, such as: Krajzega, Crosscut, Trajzega, Circular, Circular, Curculat.