Oflisiarki i obrzynarki

Timber loader first of all edgings (sheets) from one or two (depending on the machine model) sides for the desired board size.

Edging machines are great above all at sawmills, carpentry factories, and other artisan workshops in woodworking factories.

Construction of bidding machines

These machines have solid bodies with a worktop mounted under which there are one or two spindles. Shields are mounted on these axes to cut off the offenders. These saws are usually mounted in a vertical position. Usually, each spindle drives a separate motor. There are also edgers with saws mounted in a horizontal position. Saws that are placed horizontally cut off the upper part of the material. These machines have feeds with assigned speeds or a smooth speed that is regulated on the inverter or variator. These machines are very fast due to high spindle revolutions and high feed speed, which is reflected in the high performance of these machine tools. Depending on the type of bedding machine, they may be equipped with feeding and receiving tables with slip or electrically driven rollers.

Some models of fibrillators have a laser in addition, which applies the appropriate cutting line to the material. Consequently, we have a perfectly cut off oflis.

When deciding to buy a edger, it is definitely worth paying special attention to:

  • engine power - thanks to the high power you can cut very thick and wet boards,
  • spindle revolutions - high speed affects the quality of the processed material,
  • cutting parameters - mainly the size of the disc on which the cutting height depends,
  • material from which the machine is made - thanks to the solid construction, edging machines do not fall into vibrations, which means that the quality of the cut is satisfactory.

We offer professional one-sided and double-sided edgers. These machine tools come from the best and best known manufacturers around the world. These machines are great at work. They are solid and efficient, and their cutting precision will satisfy every customer. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our range. You will certainly find a machine for your plant here.