Grubiarki trzystronne

Three-sided planer for wood planes processes the material from three sides. Gives the board the right thickness, and on the lateral planes makes grooves, feathers or other millings, using special tools on the spindles of the vertical heads.

Three-side planers are great for everyone, both large and small woodworking plants.

Machinery 3-way mainly planing soft and hard wood, as well as wood-based materials.

These machines have very solid and durable construction, therefore, the machines have been used in factories for many years.

Construction of three-sided thicknessers similar to one-sided thicknessers. There are pawls in advance that prevent the material from kicking back. Then there is a pulling, toothed shaft (straight, sequential or torsional), material pressure. Behind the pressure we have a planing roller, after which there is also a pressure roller, and at the very end a discharge roller is installed, smooth (it can be metal or rubber). Rollers that adjust themselves are usually mounted in the countertop. Two vertical spindles (right and left) are built in at the end of the countertop. They can be fitted with planer heads or cutters. Spindle spacing is adjusted manually, with a wrench or electrically. Some spindles are also adjustable up / down. They are driven by separate engines. Some models also use clamps at the heads and between them. Feed speeds, similar to thicknessers, are given or adjusted smoothly.
Workpiece height three-sided is lower, unlike one-sided machining, because the height of the side axes limits us.

Three-sided thicknessers are characterized above all by high efficiency and precision.

When buying a three-sided planing machine, the most noteworthy factors are:

  • Planing parameters,
  • Engine power,
  • Spindle diameters,
  • The material from which the machine structure is made,
  • Machine tool brand etc.


At MAR-MASZ, all three-side planers are fully operational after technical inspection. Each piece has an original photograph and description.

When deciding to buy in our company, every customer has the opportunity to check and test the machine. We offer professional advice and assistance in choosing the right planer.