Horizontal drilling machines

Horizontal wood drill drills, ream and deepens holes with a drill in the horizontal plane. Some models also have the function of milling cylindrical and oblong holes.

Drilling machines świetnie sprawdzają się przede wszystkim w zakładach meblowych i  stolarskich, warsztatach remontowych i naprawczych a także w innych zakładach przemysłowych itp. Wiertarki są jednym z podstawowych elementów wyposażenia wyżej wymienionych zakładów.

These machines process mainly materials such as:

  • Softwood or hardwood,
  • Chipboard,
  • Fibreboard,
  • Plywood etc.


Short description of the construction

The table machine consists of a solid body. Inside there is an electrical installation. A worktop is attached from above. The table is usually made of cast iron. On it is mounted material clamp, which can be set in a vertical or horizontal position. In addition, the table has a guide with an angle bar. A drilling apparatus is mounted next to the table. Depending on the model, we distinguish two types of drill operation:

  1. Drilling apparatus commuting to the material - the drilling unit is adjusted with the lever front / rear. Therefore, the workpiece is mounted on the drill table, after which the tool moves towards the material to make the hole. After making the gap, the drilling unit returns to the starting point. The machine top is adjustable up / down, right / left and also at an angle.
  2. Material commuting to the drilling apparatus - In contrast to the above-mentioned option, in this case the material moves towards the tool. The drilling assembly is fixed, while the table top is fully adjustable, thanks to which the workpiece moves to the drill during operation.

In addition, the drill may have tables that can be used to machine larger items such as doors. It is also possible to mount more material clamps. Motors can be in two versions: 230V or 400V - depending on the customer's needs.

The main advantages of drills certainly include: simple and quick service, high work efficiency, small dimensions of the machine, etc.