Band saws

Band-saw it is also known as: (jigsaw, banding machine, band saw, banzega, band saw).

Wood band saw performs straight or shaped cutting in solid wood, wood-based panels. Using the right saw blade, you can also cut plastics, asbestos, thin sheets of light metal, etc.

The jigsaw takes up very little space and is easy to use. It is mainly used in factories of the carpentry and furniture industry, as well as production plants of various industries.

The main advantages of the tape can include:

  • Precise cutting
  • The ability to cut shapes,
  • Easy-to-use,
  • Takes up little space at the plant,
  • High performance etc.


Construction of the banzeg

Korpus - The saw has a solid body made of cast iron or metal. Thanks to the strong base, the saw does not cause any vibrations or vibrations during operation.

Worktable - Usually made of cast iron. On it we put the material that we want to cut. The top is usually adjustable at an angle.

Support wheels - The machine has two wheels whose spacing is adjusted to tension the belt. They bring the cutting band in motion. These wheels have tires so that the blade does not fall off and the machine does not make a loud sound. Both elements are covered by a door.

Cutting unit - The cutting tool is a saw blade. It is mounted on the above-mentioned support wheels. There are different types of blades. They depend on the type of material being cut. The wide tape is mainly used for rectangular cutting. The thinner the tape, the better the shapes are cut. The saw additionally has a belt tension indicator.

fence - Jigsaws mounted on the table. Thanks to the fence, the cut element cannot move. In addition, there is an angle bracket next to the guide.

Silnik - Electric motor with 230V or 400V installed.

In addition, belt machines are equipped with the necessary covers and a brake. Thanks to this, working with the machine is safe.

Band saws should work with sawdust extraction. The use of such a device primarily affects the quality of work and machine performance.

Our company has many years of experience with clients. We have been trying to meet your expectations for almost 15 years, which is why we offer high quality band saws with various parameters. Each chainsaw is checked for mechanical and electrical reasons.