Pilarki do drewna

wood saw. In other words, wood saw is probably an inseparable element of any carpentry workshop. Its purpose is primarily cutting boards, fences, dunes to the exact dimension. Down joinery saws different discs with different shapes and number of teeth can be used. Available accessories, including saw blades, can be found in the section Accessories.

What wood saw / saw?

In our store we offer saws for various applications and equipment. Depending on the needs and the work performed we offer such saws how:

Starting work on a chainsaw (Krajzega) we must first of all specify what material we will work with. Then we choose the right machine, then discs and retrofitting. In summary, the right choice of saw and retrofitting has a big impact on how comfortable and effective work on the machine will be.

Manufacturers of wood saws / saws

In our offer you will find, for example, producers of such brands as: REMA, WINTER, BRANDT, HOLZ-HER, FELDER, OPTIMAT, JAROMA, STOMANA, ZOTECH, SCM.