thickness is also known as: thicknesser, one-side planer, wood planer, thickness leveling machine.

The machine will strip the layer of wood on one side. The machine planes with a knife shaft that rotates. The processed material is moved mechanically on the table by means of feed rollers. The purpose of the thicknesser is to get the right amount of material.

The thickness planer soft and hard wood or some wood-based materials.

Thicknesser for wood is used primarily in any woodworking plant. It should be solid, precise and above all safe for the user.

Thicknesser construction:

One-sided planer has a metal or cast iron body. In the middle there are:

  • pawl - prevent material from being rolled back
  • Introductory shaft - electrically driven, usually toothed. Sometimes the input shafts are divided (segmented or sequential). The segment shaft works well when planing several elements at the same time. They are independent of each other.
  • clamps - pressed planed wood
  • Chipping shaft - we distinguish several types of shaft:
  1. planing for ordinary knives - reusable,
  2. planing with Ters knives - thin knives that you can't sharpen,
  3. spiral - it has cutting inserts mounted on a spiral-shaped shaft. These knives are in the shape of small squares. They have a blade on each side.
  • clamps
  • Output shaft –  zazwyczaj jest gładki. Napędza go silnik elektryczny.

Below is the table top with pulling or slipping rollers. These rollers are adjustable.

The thickness of the thicknessing table top is adjusted by means of a wheel or electrically. In the case of electrical adjustment, an additional wheel is mounted for more precise positioning. The table is mounted on two or four screws.

  • Thicknessers usually have a three phase 400V motor. The size of the motor depends on the type of material being planed, the dimensions of the elements, the width of the mounted shaft, the feed speed, etc. The planer feed is on the same or separate engine. The machine has one or several feed speeds. Speed ​​is changed by lever or on the belts. Some models have smooth feed speed regulation. It is adjusted on a knob or inverter.
  • Additional equipment for thicknessers is a built-in sharpener. Thanks to it, there is no need to disassemble the knives. Sharpening is done on knives mounted on the shaft. There are two types of sharpeners: with manual or automatic feed.



Pulling rollers are used for wet wood. Thanks to them, the wet material moves independently without the help of the machine user.

Each one-sided thicknesser works with the extraction. In the absence of extraction, planing quality will be unsatisfactory. Good chip extraction is the basis of good machine operation.

The planing machine is certainly a very important device, because it prepares the material for further stages of production. Without the thicknesser, the further stage of work is rather impossible.

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