Briquetting press

briquetting is primarily a technological machine that briquetts mainly carpentry waste. You can briquet material such as e.g. wood or wood-like materials, but also other dry waste, e.g. paper and straw.

Each of the briquetting machines has a container for briquetting material. At its bottom there is a feeder, through which the material goes to the place where the briquette is made. Some types of briquetting machines include tables for packing the resulting briquet. A device facilitating the insertion of briquettes into bags is mounted on them. On the side of the table top there is a welding machine closing the packed bags.

types briquetting:

  • hydraulic - In that briquetting press the material is pressed using hydraulic cylinders. These briquetting presses also use a hydraulic oil cooler to prevent overheating.
  • piston - Ready briquette is formed by the pulsating effects of the piston rod on processed sawdust.
  • worm - The raw material is pressed by pushing through a tightening screw feeder.
  • Rolling - The final product is created by compacting between two synchronous and opposing rollers.
  • Rotary - Called peleciarkaand, allow the use of very fine biomass and produce it when forced through the matrix

Product obtained from biomass processed on the briquetting machine is briquette, czyli sprasowana kostka bądź walec o średnicy od kilku do kilkunastu cm i długości do 30 cm, czasem występują również brykiety wielokątne lub pierścieniowe. Kolejnym paliwem stałym jednak o strukturze granulatu uzyskanym z biomasy jest pelet.

Depending on the production technology used in a given plant and the quality of briquetted raw material with a briquetting machine, the following can cooperate: a drying line, a crusher and various raw material feeders: (pneumatic, mechanical) and briquette guides.

utilization briquetting machines allows you to utilize those created in your plants wood processing i carpentry works waste in the form of silvers  i sawdust into an ecological solid fuel product.

For waste management can be used new briquetting presses and used briquetting machines adapted to the needs of the plant.

Manufacturers of briquetting presses: COMAFER, POR, NESTRO, GROSS, WEIMA, WINTER, SPANEX, NESTRO, PRODECO.

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