CENTAURO TC 1200 copying lathe

44 000,00 PLN netto

54 120,00 PLN gross


to order


Dla transakcji EX i nip UE obowiązuje cena netto

C019 to order 700 PLN net .


– maszyna nowa
– gwarancja
- CE certificate
– profesjonalna


max distance between axes 1200 mm
height of the canines above the bed 120 mm
max diameter of copying 150 mm
max. diameter of the steady grip 90 mm
tailstock and driver connection 3CM
speed of feed of the saddle 0 ÷ 5m / min
speed of the return of the saddle 5m / min
spindle motor HP4 (KW3)
spindle speed rpm 900-1500-2200-3000
Power Connection 3,75kW
engine power with a hydraulic unit HP1 (KW 0,75)
working pressure 25 ÷ 30bar
dimensions length / height / width 2400 / 650 / 1540mm
dimensions of the box 2600 / 600 / 1410mm
net weight 400g
gross weight (box) 460g
gross weight (box) 500g
sound pressure level at the operator's position 71dB (A)


The rotary aggregate made of cobalt steel enables trouble-free movement of even particularly sensitive elements. This system allows for the perfect and accurate reproduction of elements with the smallest diameter
The hydraulic movement of the saddle with infinitely variable speed allows you to achieve the highest quality finish of the workpieces
Direct view of the device during roughing and extreme cutting
It has a device for quickly centering the workpiece
Support for subsequent manual finishing of the element (using tools available as optional equipment)
Sliding retainer (max. Fi 90 mm) with pre-cutting tool and replaceable inserts for cutting knives:

For mass production, it is recommended to use a metal template
A saddle with two hoods for extracting dust
Electric control panel with a hydraulic regulation of the saddle travel.

Delivery range:
Self-locking engine (only CE version)
Driver with two interchangeable heads fi 28 and 45 mm
Rotating horse 12 mm
Sliding retainer fi 90 mm (square 65 x 65 mm) with reduction sleeve
2 vertical grooves, radius 1,2 mm and 1 pre-treatment tool
Tool for centering the workpiece
Support for manual finishing tools
2 extraction ducts for dust extraction with a diameter of 100 mm
Engine safety switch
Emergency button
Sliding front cover
Repair tools

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(with higher price fluctuations the price may change)


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