Terrace board ideal for the floor

Terrace board ideal for the floor

It is not only practicalbut it also looks great. Because wooden terrace enjoys increasing popular among supporters of both classic and modern solutions. Wooden board will be found in every arrangement! Terrace boards are very popular not only because of their aesthetic value.

features them too high durability to atmospheric conditions and ease of maintenance. Their undoubted advantage is the fact that they heat up slowly - thanks to this, you can freely walk barefoot on the terrace, even during very sunny days.

What wood is the terrace board made of?

A wide range of shapes, length of boards and wood species gives virtually unlimited arrangement possibilities.

Boards can be made of trees such as:

  • Siberian larch
  • Asian merbau
  • European larch
  • pine

An interesting solution is also exotic boards:

  • jatoba
  • tigerwood
  • cumaru
  • Massaranduba
  • bangkirai and many more.

Grooved decking board?

Terrace boards can be one - or two-sided grooved, and smooth. They differ not only in appearance, but also in functionality. Grooved versions they are distinguished by greater anti-slip properties, as well as ease of rainwater flow (thanks to which no puddles are formed).

How to care for terrace boards?

To be able to enjoy the beauty and durability of the boards terrace areas, please note proper care. Natural wood requires, among other things oiling (minimum 2 times a year - early spring and early autumn). This will allow for preservation of natural color for longer. It is also important to keep up to date remove sand, dust, leaves, snow from the terrace and all kinds of dirt and dirt. It is very important to do not use salt on the terrace in winter or any other chemicals that could damage the boards.

What to do before laying the terrace board?

You should also remember about the right one substrate preparation for mounting boards. It must be leveled and hardened. It is also worth using a bedding made of agro-nonwoven fabric, for example, which will prevent nuisance weeds from growing between boards.

List of carpentry machines for the production of terrace boards

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